Agent V and the Doomsday Bomb 2.0

Why this game is cool

1. Possible to play anywhere
2. Competitive and entertaining
3. Suitable for any size groups from 10 to several hundreds of participants
4. Suits 60-minute timeframe
5. Easy to explain to players and briefing time is short
6. Utilizes skills of all team members – from creativity and communication to logic and trivia knowledge

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Agent V and the Doomsday Bomb 2.0 is a code-cracking spy mystery indoor game for teams. The idea is that teams solve tasks and assignments to complete bigger missions. The info gathered on missions helps to fill the ultimate goal to deactivate a doomsday bomb.

Can be played

  • Indoor
  • Tablet
  • Phone
  • iOS
  • Android
For groups from 10 to hundreds
Duration 60 min
Mission game
Needs smart device + paper and pen
Full game concept
Quick start

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